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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beatles Box Card

Hello people of BlogLand, wherever you are in the World.  If you are American, Happy 4th July. The weather here in Blackpool has taken a horrible turn for the worse, its raining hard, very hard and has been for hours.

  For anyone who has been checking in on me, I am so sorry I haven't been around for a few days.  I've had terrible problems with dexterity and sleep.  When I say sleep, I should say staying awake.  It was nearly impossible at the start of the week.

The card I have chosen to blog today is an up cycle from a battered old book I found in a local secondhand shop.  My friend ask me to make a personalised card for a 9 year old who is mad on the Beatles.  The irony is the little girl was called Lucy.


A4 Black Card ( I used Centura Pearl)
A4 Silver Holographic Thin Card
Pictures of the Group, (this started of as a complete picture I cut individually)
Off Cuts of Acetate
Two Star Flourishes by Joanna Sheen's Signature dies
Sentiment Peel off and Die Cut Letters spelling Lucy
Hougie Board
Tonic mini guillotine
Double sided tape
Wet Glue

Using the Hougie Board, lay the long side of the card across the board and score at 7, 14, 21, 28 cm.
Using a paper trimmer cut away a 3 cm strip from this side. Measure out 2 x 9 cm tabs, score at 1 and 8 cm, fold one side back and the other forward, so it resembles a 'z' adhere inside the box part of the card after the following steps  
Turn the card round, short side across the top score through the first three panels at 10.5 cms down to 21cm and then from 28 cm to the edge of the card.
Cut away the small upper section from 28 to the end of the card, the bottom section will become a tag to attach the card together.
Cut the holographic into 6,5 cm strips. Cut one off at 18 cm and adhere to the inside back panel of the box card.
Cut a further 3 holographic mats at 6.5 x 7.5 cms.
Cut the beatles photo into 4 individual pics, measuring 5.5cm x 6.5 cm, layer these onto the holographic thin card and mat into place. I put Ringo at the Back, John at the front, George and Paul on the sides. 
Use another piece of odd Black card and add a Happy Birthday sentiment.  Attached to a strip of Acetate and fix to the first/front bar at a angle within the inside of the box card,
Attach the star flourishes together with glue and attached in front of Ringo Starr, so his face has a clear view

Again attach a small piece of black card to Acetate and adhere to a smaller piece of acetate.
Adhere the name Lucy and decorate with a few hand cut diamonds , Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

Hope you have liked the fun aspect of this card and it does pay to look round for old images that can be made into a unique gift card.  It is one of a kind.
Stay well and smile, its the best medicine, Until next time,

Lots of Love
Happy Crafting