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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Floral Fashionista with Feathers

Happy Monday People of Blogland.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you were doing.  The sun was out in Blackpool yesterday and for once I actually sat out in it.  Couldn't believe how intense the heat was.  I've actually quite a good little sun trap in my garden, so couldn't sit out too long.  Crafting was calling  my name which inspired me with my share today.

The card is made from a fairly recent  Hunkydory kit called Floral Fashionista.  The kit itself consist of 4 cards.  They are kinetic format which automatically gives the inside of the card instant wow factor. As there is quite alot of foiling on the toppers, there was very little to do.  I wanted to give the card something extra so decided to add marabou feathers to the skirt.  The card took about 15 minutes to put together, but looks so effective, and went down really well with Frankie's (My son's girlfriend).


Green Card Blank and co-ordinating toppers
Foam pads and Double sided tape
3 Marabou Feathers Light Pink, Dusky Pink & Lavender from Stash
Pearls from my Stash

I chose the Green card blank as the topper had blonde hair.
Lay the card blank flat and place the toppers and sentiments where you want them to go. If you do this before you stick them down, you can easily move them about if you're not happy.
Fold the pre scored card bank into shape, I personally burnish to give a crisper finish, then attach the 8 inner sentiments. Securing 4 with foam pads and 4 with double sided tape on an alternate basis for dimension and interest.
The inside topper I attached with double sided tape. 
Before attaching the topper to the front of the card I layered the marabou feather and shook them a few times to get them to mingle together then fastened them together with tape.  Line them up with the skirt, then attach the topper using foam pads to give some dimension.
Decorate with pearls.  For an added extra I personalised the card with her name along the ribbon using silver peel offs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  Please feel free to leave a comment, good or bad, its your choice.  Hope you have a great day,  would love it if you could visit again.

Lots of Love and Hugs

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Key to the Door

Happy Sunday people, where ever are in the World, hope you day will be enjoyable and relaxing.  I've had a busier than usual week this week, so I've been even more tired than usual.  I've been planning on starting my Christmas cards but every time I try, I'm ask to make a card for something or other.  I will get there as I really don't want to be left right to the last minute again.  So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will share some of my Christmas makes.

Today's card was made for my friends Sons 21st Birthday an easel card.


Crafter's Companion Create a Card - Decadance
Snow White Centura Pearl (with a hint of silver)
Blue Holographic card
Silver Card
Signature Die - Ivy Flourish
Spellbinders - Key Dies
Glitter Girls Score board (Book-a-Trix)
Odd piece of Black card
Black Buttons
21 from my Stash
Oddment of Ribbon
Sentiment Peel Offs
Grand Calibre or Ebosser
Paper Trimmer/Guillotine 
Bone folder
Hougie Board

Using your cutting Machine, Place Centura Pearl (Shiny side up) on the cutting board.  Carefully line up the create a card die with the card, cover with the base plate and pass through the machine.  Centura Pearl is a thicker card and could require more than one pass. Once the card has cut, emboss.  Remove the die and carefully line up again but turn the card over so now you are cutting into the underside.  As the edges of the die do not cut, make sure that the edge of the die is completely in line with the first die Cut.  Pass through as before.
Cut away the excess card. Keep only one of the aperture squares for later use
Line up the Holographic Blue Card with the Centura pearl and adhere. Using a hougie board score at 3 and 6 inches.Fold the card in Half, then fold then fold the front section back on itself, (a reverse gate fold).
Attach the cut out aperture (see photo) to the top of the front of the card
Using the Book-a-Trix score board, Score around the gift Tag on the reverse of the board, score both the larger tag using the Holographic card and the smaller with Centura Pearl.  Cut out carefully along the outside of the embossing.  Attach together, (Top tip - When scoring the larger tag, also score the small tag on the same card,  You know exactly where to line up and attach the smaller tag)
From the silver card, die cut a couple of Keys and an Ivy flourish.
Attach the keys to the Tag with Manly ribbon and adhere the '21' to the centre of the tag.
Adhere the Ivy flourish to the centre square, 
Attach the Key tag to the centre of the square,
Finally, make a stopper using peel offs and a small piece of black card, and attach to the base of the card.
Embellish with the Buttons and the card is complete.

Thank you so much for taking time to visit little old me.  I love sharing my makes with you.  Well until next time, take care, stay happy and safe and above all keep smiling.  

Crafty Hugs

Thursday, 26 June 2014

3 of a Kind

Good Morning People.  I'm still buzzing from the amount of comments I had on my last post.  I was over the moon to have so many of you come visit little old me.  I am really enjoying sharing my crafting journey with you.  I hope you have as much pleasure from looking as I get from making my cards.  It was my Daughter's school production last night.  Got to say I was so impressed by the young talent that graced the stage last night.  Was blown away by the ability of so many, but got to admit, was deafened by a few haha.

I'm posting a very quick card today as I'm going to a friends birthday day, yes . Lunch and shopping, then a dinner.  I know now I won't last the day,as I can't drink because of my Meds, but I get too tired by at least I'm always ask to go, which is nice for a change.  Really need to paint my nails lol.

I'm wittering on, so I'll get on with today's card which I call Winning Hand.  I love the quality of Hunkydory cardstock and this card came from one of their kits. The kit is called 'For the Men', which I'm fairly sure is still available. This kit is dedicated to Men and there interests.  There are 10 sets of Toppers, 10 foiled Cardstock and 10 matching Cardstock.  I personally think its a brilliant kit to have as they have covered everything from Football to Fishing and Gardening to Golf.

This is an easel Card, other than the kit there is very little needed.


6 X 6 Card Blank
Gold Mirri Card
3 Playing Cards from the Die Cuts & 2 Sentiments
Matching Cardstock from the Kit
Paper Trimmer
Score Board
Double sided Tape or glue

To make the easel card, take the 6 x 6 Card Blank. Cut away 2 inches from each side of one half of the card Blank.
Score the center section at 3 inches.  This will become the easel
Cover the base of the card with Gold Mirri Card
Cut a 6 x 2 strip of Gold Mirri and Score at the 3 in point, use this to cover the center section 
Cut a 5.5 x 5.5 square from the Card Stock, keeping the playing cards to the right
Arrange the Cards as picture and attach to the easel slightly below the score line (make sure that the easel can move freely before securing permanently)
Finally attach the Sentiments to the card.  I used a circular one as the stopper and the rectangular on the easel base below the hand of cards. 

Well people, that's all for now.  Thank you so much for visiting, please feel free to leave a comment, good or bad, they are all greatly appreciated.  Hope you all have a great day whatever it is you are doing.  I will be back in the creation station playing around.  

Take Care and Keep Smiling (its the best medicine)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bikini Weather

Good Afternoon people.  This upload has been inspired by the fabulous weather we have been having recently, but sods law I have just felt a spot of rain in Blackpool.

  Just before get on with it, I'm just wanting to update you on yesterday's post.  At the very last minute, my Son's trip to Kenya has been cancelled. No doubt, he won't be hanging around for too long.

This is one of the easiest and most fun cards to make.  Very little is needed.  It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on its use or who its going to.


A4 Centura Pearl 
A5 Card, I've used iced crackle black
Template from my stash
Pearlised Beige Brilliance Ink
Peel Off's
Foam Pads
Small piece of Acetate
Four Peel off flowers
Score board

Score the centura pearl in half to make an A5 card
Draw round the outside of the template and cut out.
Using the beige ink cover the complete card back and front. Allow to dry, Brilliance ink dries quite quickly
On the A5 card, draw around the outside of the template as well as the inside.  Cut out two cups, and the thong.  From the left over card, cut out two straps
Attach the straps at each end of the top of the card.
Using foam pads for dimension attach the cups of the bra,
On the reverse, again use foam pads for dimension attach the tong .
Decorate the bikini with silver flourishes and edging.
Attach four flowers (preferably 2 large and 2 small) to Acetate and cut out
Using small foam pads layer a small and large head on top of each other giving two flowers
Run a peel off to give the appearance of a necklace, Attach one flower to finish the necklace
Attach the other to the centre of bra/bikini top.  This completes the card

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Please feel free to leave a comment. Whether good or bad I appreciate your time and opinion.  Hope you visit again.  Take Care and Stay Safe


Monday, 23 June 2014

Putting On the Deco Glamour

Hello Friends, Bloggers and potential Followers and welcome back to my little creation station where I can share my love of paper crafting with you.

  It was warm here in Blackpool over the weekend, and I must confess, my Son was home until Sunday, so I sort of neglected my crafting to time with him as it will be at least a month before I see him again.  He's gone to Kenya with work, so praying for a safe return but hopes he enjoys the experience while he's there.

Back to the card I'm sharing with you today, some Deco Glamour to start the week.  The imagery is from Debbi Moore - Deco Rome cd.  The idea comes from within. I love the glitz and glamour of the deco era, and I hope that shows in my card.  So to a couple of photos.  The boxed card and the actual card inside



Make up the decoupage topper, remember to fix the feather behind the images that include feathers,  I build up with foam pads, placing them in the centre of the back of the image.  It give the card some shape rather than being flat.  When the topper is finished set aside,
On the silver holographic, trace around the silver fan,cut out, following the instructions on the template, score and burnish the fan to give it shape and substance,
Attach this to the back of the topper.making sure that the card becomes no larger than 8 x 8 inch.
Make up an A5 Portrait Easel.  Prior to putting the card together place the topper including the fan on top, draw around it.  Then lay the topper on top of the front of the card mark off where you can see, then taking care, cut away the. Secure the topper to the front of the card.  Position the backing paper on the base of the easel card, cut away the excess and embellish,  I personally prefer this method.  I cut a small tag with happy birthday and personalise the name on it, layered this onto a small piece of holographic, fix this into place on the base of the easel card as a stopper.



This box is to fit an 8 x 8 card.  Centura pearl is excellent card with substance use for boxes.  Cut the card down to measure 10.5 x 10.5 inches. Both sides MUST be exactly the same size.
On the base side of the box maker, score around each side at 1in, I usually turn the card and score again on the underside, then make up the base of the box,
Score around the lid at 1in on all sides making sure you are on the Lid side of the Ultimate Pro
Turn and score again on the underside.  
Measure in an inch from the score lines on all four sides and cut out an aperture.  Cut the Acetate to 7.5 x 7.5 in, attach to the inside of the lid.  Make up the box lid. Decorate with Peel off''s to give the box an extra special finish.

That's all for today.  Thanks so much for your time in visiting me.  Hope you will drop by again soon.

Crafty Hugs
Jo xxx

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pirate Adventure

Hello again.  What fantastic weather we have been having this week. With that thought in mind I thought i'd share a card I made for a little boy who loves playing pirates.  Initially when I was asked to make a card with a pirate on it, I thought 'oh'. Then I was walking around a local shop and they were selling off party bags and blowers, the boys were pirates and then this idea came to me

A4 Card, I used Centura Pearl as its a favourite in Green
A4 Blue Holographic Heavyweight Paper of light Cardstock
Hunkydory Insert Paper, for the boys, Waves
6 Pirate image disks
Pirate foam shapes
Star Flourish (signature die) x 2
Bunting (signature die) x3
Birthday Sentiment and Alphabet
Hougie Board, Score tool, Red tape, Foam pads and Wet glue

Decoupaged the main image using 5 layers
A4 centura pearl, score (long side) at 7, 14,21 and 28 cm (do the hougie trick)
Score (short side) down from 11 cm right the way through to 21cm and the tiny section from 28cm
On the long side, cut down from 7 cm, 14cm and 21cm from the top to the center score line, repeat the same down the 28cm score line. Remove the left over piece (top half) completely
Fold and burnish the score line and with left over lip attached Red tape to make a box shape(green on outside
Cut 3 panels 7 cm x 10.5 using blue holographic, mat and layer with the blue holographifc
Cute the the wave to mat and layer on blue holographic
Adhere the topper to the centre of the card and embellish as desired.
Attach the bunting to each edge 
attach foam stickers around front three panels. palm treets around the bottom panels and a two ships on the front panels of the upper flaps,

Thanks so much for stopping by, would be lovely to see you again.  Please feel free to follow m blog, there will be another item/listing very soon.
Take care and lots of Crafty Love
Jo xx

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Wedding Gift Wallet

Crafty friends, followers and visitors.  Hope today finds you as well as can be.  This hot weather is absolutely wonderful, I think the sun makes you feel better.  When its very humid, I've got to admit I struggle.  Today's share is another style of gift card for a Wedding, although it could easily be used for another occasion.
The Wedding Theme was Cadbury's Purple, this fits the bill perfectly.  The envelope is made of an A4 sheet of Centura Pearl (Hint of Silver), this has been embossed with Spellbinders fancy lattice.
Made into a DL size, tri fold.  Mark the center point, then 3 cms from each edge and cut from the centre to each point. Giving the envelope its actual shape. Curve the edges for a professional finish.
Secure the sides using Super Sticky Red Liner tape.
Using 1mm purple bling, decorate the front panel following the lattice pattern,
Decorate each side of the envelope front using White Candi, by Craftwork Cards
To keep the envelope secure use a circular pad of velcro on the inside lip
Decorate with Cadbury's Purple Ribbon from Mei flower and flowers made from 2 Crafter's Companion small Sunflower quilling die and a daisy made by snipping into a circular hoop of paper then rolling to give the effect of a diasy, I got this idea from Anna Marie Designs,
Complete the flowers with Bling in the center and arrange around the ribbon.

Take a piece of purple card cut and score to make a card base 5 x 3 inches
Mat and Layer with Centura Pearl, and finish with a Spellbinders Rectanglar Sign
Some people think they are old fashioned by I still use my peel offs especially when it comes to personalising, but in this case I simply used '4 and U' and arranged on the panel.

Friday, 13 June 2014

With Men in Mind - ICE COLD BEER

Sending Fathers Day Wishes to every Daddy out there.  Blowing kisses to Heaven for the Daddies who are up there sitting on their clouds looking down, but always with us in our hearts.

Today's share was made using Crafter's Companion Camden Town Kit.  Made as a Birthday Card this could quite easily be a Fathers Day Card.

 Materials need for this card are

Camden Town Beer Topper from the Kit
Co-ordinating Background Card
Signature Dies, Bunting and Flourishing Star
Green Background Paper from Camden Town Kit
Gold Peel off's
Heavyweigh Acetate
Paper trimmer
Hougie Board
Eazi score board
Red tape
Sticky Pads

Cut the Background card to 6 x 9 in. Score at 1,2,3.5,5 and 7 in
Fold into a concertina,  This becomes the base of the card. Keep the off cuts for later.
Cut the Heavy weight acetate on the short at 6in. Then fold at A4 half and burnish and crease.
Place the topper on the centre step and embellish with Star flourishes
Attach Red tape to the very bottom of both front and back of the card, and attach the acetate.
Using left over background card, cut a 6 x 2 in piece and score in half at 1in,  This becomes the roof of the card.  Attach with red tape.
Cut another two 1 x 6 pieces of card to cover the workings of tape on the front and back of the card,
Attach the Bunting,
Cut a strip of coordinating background paper 2 inches wide.
Using the hougie board, score at every half inch.  Then burnish to make a concertina. This will become the rosette.
Cut two 1 inch circles of the Background card to secure the rosette.  Attach to the front.

That's all for now crafty friends.  Thank you for stopping by.  Hope to see you again soon.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pink Baby Shower

Hello again Crafty peeps.  Today I want to share a card I made for a Baby Shower.  I have never done one before, but I think times are changing and more and more different things are being celebrated.

My preference of basic cardstock is Centura Pearl.  I love it. Its versatile.  Brilliant for boxes as its sturdy, but equally good as a cardbase.

As you can see, I've used the Create a Card die by Crafters Companion Die'sire Range.  The chosen die is Decadance.  This is my personal favourite.  Its so versatile. I have also used the Cradle by Tattered Lace.
As you can see I only used the outer part Create a card.  I also cut 2 cradles, a white and pink.
The finished card is 8 x 8 and a side easel.
Materials used were;- 2 x A4 Lilac Centura Pearl card
                                  2 x A4 Pink Centura Pearl
                                  2 x White (Hint of Silver) Centura Pearl
                                  A small piece of double sided sticky paper ( to cut white cradle)
                                  1 x Silver Holographic card
                                  Crushed Satin Pink Ribbon, enough for a double bow
                                  An off cut of vellum and some peel offs.
A peel off of a stork on top off vellum.  Using a ball tool to gently raise the vellum and give the stork shape,

I hope you like today's share, that all until next time.  Take Care, and by for now.
Jo xx
ps.  Sorry about the quality of the second picture.  It wasn't very good lighting.

Thinking of You

Not everyone likes the word 'Sympathy'.  I know my Mum doesn't.  With this in mind, if I have ever need to make a condolence card, I tend to go for 'Thinking of you'.  This is only a small card (A6),

Once again I use my favourite Centura Pearl, (hint of Silver) from Crafter's Companion.
I also use embossed Centura Pearl from the Embossilious Folders again Crafter's Companion,
Silver Mirri Card
Black Crush Silk Ribbon
3 Ivy die cuts (Signature die)
A Lily from my stash and a bow
                            Make and A6 cardbase by Scoring an A5 in Half using Centura Pearl (hint of silver)
Wrap the ribbon across the embossed Card, securing on the back
Mat and Layer the Mirri and embossed cardstock
Arrange the Ivy die cuts and adhere with glue dots
Wrap the stem of the Lily around a pencil so you have a coil
Lay the lily in the centre of  the Ivy die cuts
Finish with a bow and a 'thinking of you' sentiment

I also use an insert for a professional finish

Thanks about it from me today.  Happy Crafting and hope to see you next time 
Crafty love, Jo xxx

Crafters Companion Create a card into a Box - My entry into Crafters Companion June Challenge

Hello Again My Crafty Buddies,
After winning the Card of the Month last month, I wondered how I could follow it up.  The brief, if you like is, box, bag or Tag. So I started to think outside the box as it were.  Create a card is a brilliant concept but I wondered if I could take the die further so I went into my Creation Station and had a play. This was the finish result.   Made from Centura Pearl with Snow Accents.  The flower is also made from Centura Pearl using another of the Quilling die'sire range.  Crafters Companion Die'sire range are so easy to use, and usually release from the die easily,

Crafters Companion Card of the Month May - Masculine



I can't believe its taken me nearly six months to sort my blog out.  I started to post then all of a sudden a message appeared on screen stating error.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a lot of a technophobe and got into panic after panic and even sent the pc away incase there was something wrong with it.  It came back and again the same error message appeared.  I was going to just give in, but being named as the winner of Card of the Month gave me the push to sit down and work it out.  It turned out to be something so simple its actually laughable.  I had to switch to google chrome, simple as that.

I made this using the Camden Town Set
Cartography Cardstock
Topper and embellishments from the sheet
Heavyweight Actetate
Gold Mirri Candi
Strong Red Tape
Scissors and a Paper Trimmer

Cut the cardstock to 6 x 9 inches, score at 1, 2, 3.5, 5, and 7 in, fold a concertina style
Place the topper in the center step
Decorate the steps with stars
Measure the actetate at 6in on the short side and cut the length of A4, Score at A4 half, fold and burnish
Put tape on the front and back of the concertina along the base of the steps
Line the Acetate up with one side first and stick, then repeat
(now your card should resemble a tent)
Use some off the remaining cardstock to cover the top crease of the acetate,
cut a 2 by 6 in, score at 1in and place on top of the acetate, then cut 2 1 x 6 in pcs, use this to cover up
your workings
Embellish with bunting and envelopes on the front.
Add 2 pcs of gold candi to finish