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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Crafters Companion Card of the Month May - Masculine



I can't believe its taken me nearly six months to sort my blog out.  I started to post then all of a sudden a message appeared on screen stating error.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm a lot of a technophobe and got into panic after panic and even sent the pc away incase there was something wrong with it.  It came back and again the same error message appeared.  I was going to just give in, but being named as the winner of Card of the Month gave me the push to sit down and work it out.  It turned out to be something so simple its actually laughable.  I had to switch to google chrome, simple as that.

I made this using the Camden Town Set
Cartography Cardstock
Topper and embellishments from the sheet
Heavyweight Actetate
Gold Mirri Candi
Strong Red Tape
Scissors and a Paper Trimmer

Cut the cardstock to 6 x 9 inches, score at 1, 2, 3.5, 5, and 7 in, fold a concertina style
Place the topper in the center step
Decorate the steps with stars
Measure the actetate at 6in on the short side and cut the length of A4, Score at A4 half, fold and burnish
Put tape on the front and back of the concertina along the base of the steps
Line the Acetate up with one side first and stick, then repeat
(now your card should resemble a tent)
Use some off the remaining cardstock to cover the top crease of the acetate,
cut a 2 by 6 in, score at 1in and place on top of the acetate, then cut 2 1 x 6 in pcs, use this to cover up
your workings
Embellish with bunting and envelopes on the front.
Add 2 pcs of gold candi to finish