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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Gilded Decorative Plaque

Hi Crafty Friends,

Today, I thought I'd share something different, well for me anyway.  This is the first time I've ever tried something like this, so to me it shows that anybody can have a go at trying something new.

You will need:-
A Square Chipboard Plaque
I used (bronze metallic) acrylic paint on the base (you can choose any colour you like)
Sand Acrylic paint
PVA Glue and a paint brush, which about an inch bristle head
Cosmic Shimmer Glitter Glue or Flitter Glue
Gilding Flakes
Spellbinders Filagree Vase
Small piece of Black Card
Small piece of Double sided Sticky Sheet
5 pcs of Florist Wire
5 Decorative Flower Heads
Pinflair Silicone Glue

First Paint the Plaque with your chosen base paint, acrylic doesn't take long to dry, but if you have a heat tool, give it a quick blast just to speed things along, then paint the reverse side.
When completely dry the next step is to cover one side with quite a thick coating of PVA glue, Don't forget to rinse your brush out.
When the glue starts to feel tacky, start to paint over the tacky surface with the Sand Coloured Acrylic Paint. MAKE SURE THAT THE PAINT STROKES ARE IN THE SAME DIRECTION, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  You will notice that in parts the sand paint shrinks away, giving a distressed/aged look to the plague.  This is exactly the look you want to achieve.
Again, use a heat tool to aid in the drying time, but wait until fully dry until you begin to decorate.
Using the Cosmic Shimmer Glitter glue and the edge of the paint brush cover around the edge of the square, it does not have to be neat, just make sure the edges are covered,
Next using gliding flakes, cover the glued area on all four sides.  (A little goes along way), next gently rub away the excess flakes leaving a nice shining edge.
Taking a small piece of black card, (on the part you will use for the filigree, cover with a small piece of double sided sticky, keeping the backing attached at this point) cut both parts of the Spellbinders filigree vase.
Peel the double sided sheet off, again using the gliding flakes cover the filigree inside part of the vase.  Then using the outside part of the die, attach to make a complete vase with the black showing through the pattern.  Set aside,
Using the Florist Wire, to make a stem about a third of the way up the wire start to wrap around a pencil/pen until you have the remaining third left, repeat with the other four wires.
Again, back to the filigree vase, shape to give a curved, authentic look.  Centre the vase, wires and flower heads, before sticking to the plaque.  This gives you time to decide where it look right.  When you have done this, attach the vase, using pinflair, then pushing the wire stems into the pinflair, decorate with the flower heads, obviously hiding the stem underneath the flower head.  Decorative plague is now complete.  Although the picture doesn't show it, use either string or ribbon to make a loop to display.  I hope you have a go at trying this technique, which I must admit I learnt from Jo Channon at a Demo day in Preston.  It does make a change to try something new.  If I can do it anyone can.  Until the next time, stay safe and well, Jo xx